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noviembre 7th, 2018 by JM Aranda

African Wild dogs eat warthog alive.

The african wild dogs are one of the most effective predators in Africa, but they don´t have too much strength, so it takes them a lot of time to kill their preys. That means that frecuently they start eating them meanwhile the prey is still alive.


Wild dogs are seriously threatened in all africa.

Wild dogs

Wild dogs

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Jackal bites hunter – Chacal ataca al cazador


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noviembre 1st, 2018 by JM Aranda

This sick lioness is surrounded by a pack of hyenas. She try to fight for her food.


A lioness is always a difficult enemy… even for a pack of tough hyenas. But a whole pack are too many mouths, and attack from all directions.



Leona con cria


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Leopard vs. warthog – Leopardo caza un facochero


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octubre 20th, 2018 by JM Aranda

Lion attacks buffalo

Incredible footage, lion male ambush and attacks a cape buffalo herd ALONE. Unusual, because the lions usually prefer to work in a pack; but this lion male doesn´t even wait for his brother, that appears at the end of the video to share the meat of the buffalo.


Power of a single lion… amazing

LIon face

This is the real lord in Africa… the lion KING

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Leon mata cria de bufalo – Lion kills baby buffalo


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octubre 19th, 2018 by JM Aranda

Impressive footage, this spotted hyena grabs a buffalo bull by the balls. The poor bull try to defend himself.



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Buffalo hunt – Caza de Bufalo Cafre


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julio 25th, 2018 by JM Aranda

African wild dogs are the most effective predator en Africa… even against bigger preys like this wildebeest.



Los licaones o perros salvajes son el depredador mas efectivo de Africa, incluso sobre presas de gran tamaño como este ñu azul.



Wild dogs


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Jackals hunts warthog piglets – Chacal cazando crias de facochero


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mayo 21st, 2018 by JM Aranda

Jackal nipping a brown hyena heels… really a brave guy… the hyena is a predator five times his size… definitely a brave jackal.

The brown  hyena is a solitary predator that usually doesn´t walk around on daylight, so this is a really unusual video.

Jackals are really efective predator, and they can kill preys much bigger than their size. They kill any baby livestock, and many antelopes.



Jackal african

Black Backed Jackal

Este bravo chacal de lomo negro, mordisquea las patas traseras de la hiena marron, un depredador que tiene cinco veces su tamaño. Sin duda un chacal realmente valiente.

Chacal de lomo negro

Chacal de lomo negro

La hiena marron es un depredador solitario, fundamentalmente nocturno; es por esto que estas imagenes a plena luz del dia no son nada frecuentes.

El chacal de lomo negro inicia su ronda de caza con la ultima luz de la tarde, y por ello suele estar mucho mas activo en la noche. Es un depredador importante que caza presas de mucho mayor tamaño que el mismo. Los granjeros lo consideran una autentica plaga para los ganados. Depreda sobre las crias del ganado domestico y también crias de antilopes.


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Jackal kills a springbok – Chacal mata springbok



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mayo 10th, 2018 by JM Aranda

Bowhunting baboon

Baboon is one of the most elusive preys you can find in Africa, a real challenge for the hunter. They are really clever, always alert…  a difficult animal to get.



Los babuinos son animales muy listos y por ello muy complicados para el cazador, siempre estan alerta; y es por esto que pese a su escaso valor economico si  tienen un importante valor cinegetico.

Bowhunting baboon

Baboon and leopard

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Leopard hunts monkey – Leopardo caza mono en un arbol


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mayo 2nd, 2018 by JM Aranda

Giraffe hunt

Giraffe bull taken with 375 H&H caliber rifle. Good shhot placement, inmediate effects on the animal.

In such a big animal shoot placement is essential… nobody wants a wounded giraffe… something really difficult to stalk.


Jirafa macho cazada con rifle calibre 375 H&H magnum. El disparo tiene una colocación impecable, y causa un efecto inmediato sobre el animal.

Giraffe hunt

Giraffe Bull


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Leon mata cria de bufalo – Lion kills baby buffalo


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abril 11th, 2018 by JM Aranda

Crocodile is on of the most dangerous animals in the whole africa. Every year hundreds of natives die in their jaws.

Is not a good idea to fish in waters where there are big crocs… this fisherman learned the lesson.

Mejor no pescar en aguas turbias habitadas por cocodrilos. Este pescador aprendio la leccion.

Don´t mess with small boats in Africa…



Crocs are always a danger in flooded waters


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Buffalo hunt – Caza del bufalo


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marzo 22nd, 2018 by JM Aranda

Rhino green hunt, a sustainable way to get resources from Rhino managenet in South Africa private properties.

White rhino populations are in real danger due to illegal poaching.

Rhino green hunt

Black Rhino

Rhino foundation try to save rhinos all over the world. The only two increasing populations of rhinos, are in South Africa and Namibia, the two only countries where you can hunt rhinos. Hunters are saving rhino future.

The populations of black rhino are even smaller than the bigger white rhino.


Rhino green hunt

Three white rhinos

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Elephant rams a tourist Car -Elefante carga a vehiculo


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